Private sessions

TRE® was designed to empower people to heal themselves. It takes about three sessions to feel like you’ve got the exercises and self-regulation down. After you’re proficient in doing TRE on your own, you’ll be able to do it anytime, anywhere, on your own. Most people no longer need the services of a provider.

Sessions can take place in person on Whidbey Island in Washington State or via video conference.

Three-session packs are $250. 


Introduce yourself and learn more about how Leckey and/or Petra can help you relieve the stress and trauma that’s preventing you from getting what you want from life.


Host full-day workshop and attend at no charge. Here’s how it works:

  • You secure the venue for the event, and we pay for it.

  • You find a caterer for lunch, and we pay for it.

  • You promote the event and recruit 10-20 participants (we’ll help with that).

  • We handle registration and payments.

  • We come to your location and teach your group.

For more information, please reach out via our Contact page.

How To Schedule

To schedule a consultation, TRE training, or group session, please call Leckey at (360) 672-2710. You can also send email via our Contact page.