S.W. (Massage therapist)

I took the TRE class from Petra and Lecky, and with that info, I was able to allow myself to tremor when I broke my leg. As you can imagine, I was shocked when my lower right leg broke. I was hauled off in an ambulance and immediately, I started to shiver, or tremor. The pain was so immense, and I knew that my body needed to release, so I let it ride. By the time I got to the hospital, the tremoring was in full force, and they were concerned about my pain level. It took awhile to get the pain under control, but all the while, I told them that the tremoring was good, my body was releasing. Every time a person looked at me with concern, I repeated, "This is a normal, healthy process." Hopefully, I changed their minds about fearing the tremors. I feel that it helped me to not store the trauma. Thank you Petra and Lecky for sharing this great tool!


An amazing instructor. Your message is powerful, relevant, and life-changing

S.B. (Counselor)

It was AMAZING! I’ve never felt this level of release with any one of the numerous other forms of therapy I’ve had over the years. I can see why you’re such a zealous advocate for TRE now!

D.A. (Retired)

I’ve done TRE six times.

At the conference I went to, there was a comedian who performed. I found that even though I have been doing TRE for only a short time, that laughter came much easier for me and I really enjoyed the sensation!

I hope that I continue to reap the joyful benefits of TRE.

E.D. (Artist)

After doing TRE every other day for a week, I am experiencing a major shift in my pain level, which is less than half of what it was, I am sleeping better and only getting up once, instead of four times, and I haven’t had an anxiety attack since we started TRE. I am so relieved to be moving forward in my healing, Thank you so much for helping me learn TRE.

J.O. (Firefighter)

My body seems to love this work. The session left me feeling relaxed and calm, and more grounded. More IN my body, if that makes sense.   There was a bit of an energetic hum, but it didn’t keep me from falling asleep.

I went on a call yesterday afternoon (multiple vehicle accident), and I did notice a bit of a tremble while I was on scene. Not enough for anyone else to see or enough to affect my performance, but I felt it, and instead of beating myself up about it, I was happy!  My body is learning how to respond in a healthy way to stress.  I can’t thank you two enough for that.


I feel much more grounded and safe.


This is an amazing, a truly amazing technique.

T. H. (EFT Practitioner)

The day after our TRE training, I hit a deer on the way home–it just walked out in front of me. I had to leave my car on the island. I used EFT right away, and when I got to a safe place, I just let my body shake. When I was home and warm, I did it again–just let it happen. I know it helped to know TRE and just let my body do what it needed. I so thank you for this amazing way to move forward and not hold it in, which could have shown up as a longtime battle in my body.

I know this is going to be a new part of helping me become a better and calmer person.

B.N. (Fire Captain)

I came in a skeptic, I’m leaving a student.