In early 2012, Petra Martin realized that volunteer firefighters and EMTs on Whidbey Island had no support for addressing the stress and trauma they experienced in service to their community. Shortly before then, four young people aged 9 to 22 had died in vehicle accidents, plunging the close-knit South Whidbey community—and its emergency responders—into grief.

Petra asked local health care providers if they’d be willing to offer free services to emergency responders, and more than 20 stepped forward, resulting in the formation of the nonprofit organization Whidbey CareNet. Providers were eager to help and were disappointed when few emergency responders took them up on their offer. Gradually, it became clear that helpers have a hard time asking for help.

Petra asked Leckey Harrison to co-direct Whidbey Carenet, and the two of them set about finding ways in which they could help emergency responders help themselves. That search led them to some of the tools you’ll find on this page, but ultimately, it led them to the North American Firefighter Veteran Network, whose founder recommended that they explore Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®). TRE turned out to be the self-administered tool they were looking for.


Leckey Harrison

Leckey is the co-founder of Raise Your Resilience, co-founder of TRE Washington, and former co-director of Whidbey CareNet.


  • served as a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician in Minnesota and Washington State for 16 years, and retired to cure his PTSD.

  • is a certified Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises provider

  • was an American Red Cross volunteer, specializing in Staff Wellness and Staff Training

  • has a green belt rank in Advanced Krav Maga, and is a certified instructer in Warrior Krav Maga and NWSDE Krav Maga (Wingate)

  • has practiced meditation for 15 years.

  • has presented at conferences and led workshops.

  • has decades of experience in manufacturing and construction.

  • is an avid reader and creatively expresses himself through writing, drumming, and photography

  • is the life partner of Petra and the father of adult sons Taylor and Miles.

Petra Martin

Petra is the co-founder of Raise Your Resilience, co-founder of TRE Washington, and founder of Whidbey CareNet.


  • created and published the Mixed Emotions card deck, a tool that helps people put their feelings into words.

  • is a certified Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises provider.

  • has presented at conferences and led workshops.

  • founded the Whidbey Island Writer’s Refuge, which offers a secluded retreat where writers can get away to focus on their work.

  • has a background in writing, editing, communications, and marketing in the high-tech and nonprofit sectors

  • is bilingual and bicultural, having been raised in Germany and the U.S.

  • creatively expresses herself through writing, knitting, and web design.

  • is the life partner of Leckey and the mother of teenaged son Adrian.