Sometimes, we ask you to take these assessments. By telling us your score, you give us an idea of your trauma history without having to re-live or reveal specific aspects of it.


The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale assessment helps you determine the impact of stressful life events on your health. Your score will be calculated automatically.

Please write it down once you’re finished.


The 10-question Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) test helps you determine the impact of adverse childhood experiences on your health.

After you’re finished taking it, please calculate and write down your score. If you have a high ACE score, please don't despair! TRE can help.


The Glazer stress-control lifestyle questionnaire helps you determine how your personality type affects your ability to deal with stress.

After you take the questionnaire, please total and write down your score.

Note: This file is from the Derbyshire Community Health Services website. We got a "Your connection is not private" error when we went there, so to prevent you from getting the same error, we are making a copy available here. Thank you DCHS!